If your telephone bills are burning a gaping hole in your pocket due to long distance calls, it's time for you to switch to VoIP.

Stirring a telecom revolution!

If your telephone bills are burning a gaping hole in your pocket due to long distance calls, it's time for you to switch to VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also referred to as Internet Telephony, is a technology which enables one to make voice calls and send and receive faxes using the broadband Internet connection instead of the conventional virtual phone number line. The main reason behind VoIP technology's popularity is the cost factor. VoIP enables long distance calls at affordable rates. VoIP allows one to call local, mobile, long distance and international numbers. Business houses, small and large, has benefited immensely by employing VoIP. They sound to be more flexible and enhance savings over time.

How does VoIP work and utility?

VoIP turns the analog audio data into digital data which can be transmitted over the internet. A VoIP Provider offers three different ways to make a phone call. They are through ATA or the Analog Telephone Adapter, specialized IP Phones, and the easiest Computer to Computer. One of the simplest ways of using VoIP is through the device called the ATA. This device is an analog to digital converter and allows connecting standard phone to a computer or internet connection and can be used with VoIP. Computer to Computer too is the simplest form of VoIP. Long distance calls can be made through this connection without payment. The requirements are Internet connection enabled by a DSL modem, VoIP software, sound card, microphone and speakers. Free VoIP software can be downloaded from internet easily. Once the software is downloaded and other requirements are met long distance calls can be made. The setup can be modified to suit one's needs and cell phone lookup helps to serve you better on security.. It is possible to establish connections between Computers and Phones too. The quality of the call and VoIP call recorder depends heavily on the internet connection i.e. if the broadband connection is slow, the call quality will be low. When using business voip make sure that you have all of the amenities that come with the service including internet fax, free 800 number, and virtual pbx.

The other form of Hosted VoIP is IP Phones. IP phones are specialized phones which look like normal phones with handset, cradles and buttons. These phones come built in with all the software and hardware capabilities to handle IP calls. They use the RJ 45 cable instead of RJ 11. Some of the built in features of IP Phones are audio conferencing, unified messaging, music on hold, conversion of voice mail into email, call transfer, call forwarding and diverting and interactive voice response, all of which supports a call answering service. Similarly there are Audio conferencing and Video conferencing systems. The calls between the offices are free because they belong to the same network. It offers undue flexibility for employees since VoIP enables them to work from home. The advent of smart phones has made VoIP more familiar in the mobile platforms too. Skype, Vonage, Yahoo! Messenger, Vopium, Fring etc are applications which enable VoIP in mobile platforms. VoIP answering service is made available in mobile platforms by leading providers like 3com, Vodafone, Verizon, T mobile etc

VoIP phones and other equipments are available from Linksys, Cisco, Belkin, Phillips and Panasonic. VoIP enables wireless capabilities too which are being explored further. Vonage, AT&T CallVantage, ViaTalk, are all a top Hosted VoIP provider. Switching to VoIP might already be ringing in your ears!
With the advancement of the technology communi- cation gap is being filled effectively through the help of best VOIP Internet telephone system there by connecting people over long distance.
Wireless VOIP phones and service providers are best known for its functionality and communi- cational channeling process.
Setting a VOIP solution helps in many ways getting connected with people with the best VOIP architectural software solution.
VOIP connectivity is effectively made to get linked to people over conferencing on official issues and to make internet calls with best cost ensured with data security over internet.

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VOIP can help you track and handle your connectivity system via your computer which gives you the call timing, voice volume records the supports business services.
VOIP allows people to make calls over VOIP services using their cell phones and get charged at low cost with the VOIP software being installed.
Using internet based phone system, VOIP system helps you by offering some of the features like online phone system flexibility to add and manage configuration, monitor online calls and check out the call logs with the helps of advanced VOIP system.
Using VOIP services is cost effective as the VOIP calls are not routed geographically so they cost you less when compared to telephone lines.
Installation procedure is simple, ensures mobility and increase in productivity of the organization enhancing more business connectivity.