You know why they say it’s the digital age? That is because everything that once human did is now being managed by machines. Today, we have auto-attendants to attend our calls, instead of hiring full-time calling operators or office receptionists. The automatic mode of call attendant has made it much easier for particularly small businesses since they would not have the need of employing a person to answer calls. Instead, their dependability has shifted to outsourcing their calls using internet phone services. Today, VoIP service providers offer amazing internet phone systems with excellent VoIP features with different calling plans.

Looking at the current economic scenarios, people have already begun to switch their communication means to internet phone services, leaving behind traditional phone services merely because of their over-charging and huge taxes. Among other features offered by various VoIP service providers, an automatic call answering service is very useful tool. With internet phones’ answering services, every client is provided with a separate phone number that is redirected to them. When phone calls are redirected to these numbers, you wouldn’t need to give your number out. This means that you can easily take permanent control of all your incoming phone calls.

With telephone answering service providers, you wouldn’t have the need of a person to redirect your receiving calls or redirect them in case you are away for a meeting, lunch or the line is busy.

Redirecting your phone calls isn’t complex at all. It only requires the client to enter a short code to their phone and later enter their exclusive VoIP phone number. As a result of this, whenever you receive a call, the phone call is redirected to the telephone answering service. This process takes place rapidly and the person who calls who will never know whether your call has been redirected.
Nevertheless, not everyone wants to avail the call redirecting service; there are some business people who prefer to give out their VoIP phone numbers to their clients. Normally, people running online businesses practice this method of giving out numbers to others. Perhaps the intention behind this is simply to put a good professional impression on others. This is most likely that such online businesses might be a home-based business managed by a single person or someone who works in spare time, apart from working as an employer for other companies.

When a call is received at that number, call answering service acts up immediately to take the call. The virtual operator will attend the caller and would request to leave an email, SMS message or fax, however, the business owner has requested to. The virtual operators literally appear to the callers as if they are in-house call receptionists hired for attending calls and redirecting them to the respective contact numbers, either landlines or mobile numbers.

In view of what today’s market circumstances are, auto-attendants for answering calls has serves as a more convenient and reliable means to administer incoming calls professionally, instead of hiring a calling operator to handle the job.