The Various Types of Equipment VoIP

The use of IP-telephony becomes a profitable solution, thanks to which it is ensured that all elements of the organization are combined into a single network of voice communication and data transmission. The advantage is the involvement of mobile workers in this technology. The principle of operation is simple and understandable to everyone – all telephones are connected to the ports of transmission of the IP-network. Here it is important to clarify that another device that is connected to this network can perform the function of the phone.
The undoubted advantage is also that the IP telephony equipment is easily configured and, if necessary, upgraded with the same ease. So, what kind of equipment will you need and how VoIP phone system works?

To organize a similar network, you need to buy IP gateways or IP-PBXs.

The first work according to the following principle:

The gateway is connected to a telephone line, due to this, communication with any point on the planet is guaranteed. On the other hand, the gateway is connected to the IP network – it is now possible to communicate with any PC. Next, the following algorithm – the gateway receives a telephone signal, digitizes (if the telephone line is analog) and compresses it, converts it into data packets, and forwards it over the network using the IP protocol. Similarly, only in the reverse order occurs if the data packets arrive at the gateway in the direction of the telephone line.
The second way, using IP-PBX, is based on the same principle, but here there is an additional function – the function of standard PBXs. That is, this equipment IP telephony allows you to save on installation.

In addition to these components, VoIP phones and routers may also be needed if a wireless network is needed. Or, for example, headphones, if you plan to make a connection through a computer.

In the future, special skills will not be required. VoIP phones do not need special knowledge or skills, in fact, they are no different from standard phones.

Such phones differ in the interface of connection to the PC. There are only three:
USB – suitable for connecting directly.
Wi-Fi – the most effective in the organization of wide branched networks.

Make a choice in favor of new standards of corporate communication – order IP telephony equipment.