How can I make calls using the Internet connection? – Calls over the Internet

How to make and receive calls on the Internet?

Today, probably, it is already difficult to find a person who does not communicate on the Internet. Using a global network, you will be able to reach a person who is at least at the other end of the planet, at favorable rates. Or in general for free, with payment of only the cost of connection. Communication in the network has a lot of advantages, including usability, low prices, and availability. The IP telephony SIP (Session Initiate Protocol) is gaining popularity. In this article, we will consider in detail how the account is registered and how to order a profitable virtual office service, configure SIP and IP-telephony.

Let’s learn is it possible to call through the Internet and how do VoIP phones work?

Calls over the Internet connection. IP Telephony

Services provide a virtual office service as well as the services for individuals. These are popular services. You can use this service for IP-telecommunication (internal corporate), for international calls, for call forwarding, conferencing, call statistics. IP-telephony is a modern voice communication that actively supersedes the usual from the telecommunications market. This is due to the ease of connection of the service, ease of configuration, low call costs, high quality and security of communication.

Calling over the Internet: download the SIP application

Session Initiation Protocol – a protocol for the possibility of data transmission, using the function of making calls on the Internet. Due to the access to the network, you will call the city, mobile number and SIP accounts. It works like this:

  • Registration of a SIP account on the site.
  • Download SIP program. Calls will be made through this program.
  • Setting up the program.

The presence of a SIP account will allow you, by downloading a free application, to communicate without restrictions on the network.

About the benefits of making calls over the Internet

Thanks to the calls that are made on the Internet, you can get high-quality communication and unlimited communication opportunities. In addition, there are a huge number of programs that do not require money for communication, that is, you will receive free communications. The advantages also include:

  • Ease of use;
  • Low tariffs for international calls;
  • No need to purchase an expensive PBX;
  • No need to stay in a specific office.
  • Use the Internet for your business, call for free over the global network.

Calls over the Internet: the Skype application

For the possibility of communication with partners, relatives and relatives, download the Skype application. Communication with people registered in Skype is absolutely free. Thus, you can talk with a person in England, and you yourself, for example, will call from Greece.

If your friends are not on Skype – you can call this mobile and stationary numbers at favorable rates. Call and receive calls using the Internet connection, allow yourself to feel the benefits of the best way to organize communications today!