Before starting implementing the strategy, we are talking about in this article, just take into account that different businesses have different target audiences, so, certain tricks can work with a variable rate of efficiency. However, this is not a reason to say “no” to experiments and testing new options. Perhaps it’s not even correct, and any marketer should periodically change the format of SMS to subscribers do not get tired of your suggestions.

So, let’ move one to some interesting psychological tricks you may use in the bulk SMS or some other text advertising you apply.

  1. Cash equivalent instead of interest

If until this day you have always used words like “-25%”, then try to replace this figure with a specific amount (for example, “600 $ OFF”). Here psychology works, because the figures, expressed in monetary terms, will probably affect the human’s mind than similar figures in percentage.

  1. Emotional call to action

As practice shows, instead of “the promotion is valid until 15.01.17″, it is better to write” 3 days left “or” only until the end of the week”. In short, this word technique brings more emotion to your SMS-mailing.

  1. Brand name in a signature

If your alpha sender ID is costly to the company (listed as international) and you decide to save money using a digital signature, write the brand name in the message body. Over time, regular customers will get used to the new signature of the sender, and the need for this will disappear.

  1. Personal offer

Use combinations of words such as “exclusive offer”, “personal discount ” and, of course, the name of the subscriber. Besides, phrases like “Dear Alex,  …” will make the client’s heart melt.

  1. A link in the SMS text

If possible, be sure to create a landing page specifically for your offer and add a link to it in the SMS. The client should not scour the site in search of confirmation of information about your discounts. Make sure that the customer can call you in one click or request a callback. One of the services providing bulk SMS such as SMS-smart allow to insert any link in your text messages, it may be your website page, a landing page with the offer you advertising, or any other useful link which will help your customers to get more information about your services, products or your company.

  1. Keep the distance

The last thing – do not be annoying.

If some subscribers stubbornly ignore your SMS-mailing, try the following:

  • send messages less often
  • change the format of the message and the sentence itself (surprise them)
  • ask directly (by phone or via SMS with a link to the survey) what your company might be interested in.