ISPs offering Proper Billing Solutions

In On-line billing, the billing hosted solution VoIP has a flexible architecture with several products that offer a comprehensive solution for Wireline, IP, Wireless & Broadband Service Providers from large to start-up companies. The flexible modular design allows the Service Provider to implement any arrangement of modules and incorporate it into the existing system with a very quick turn-around. The billing hosted solution VoIP is top-rated in the world for price and performance. The billing hosted solution VoIP supports all business models: wholesale, retail, distribution, hosted, pre-paid, post-paid & calling cards.

VoIP billing software and customer care solutions for plush, medium-sized and start-up telephone companies. VoIP billing software is well-suited for every business model: Residential and corporate, pre-paid and post-paid, calling cards, Callshop and Wholesale. The VoIP billing software delivers User-friendly Implementation, High Stability, and Variability, as well as a100% web-based solution.

Various Billing Solutions Offered

Vonage VoIP billing solution is an example of an advanced, software only SIP-based media, application and billing server. Talking SIP VoIP billing solution provides leading revenue which generates applications to next generation networks with pre- architecture.

Most VoIP billing solution companies, like BrainRoots, provide consultancy, case studies, development and delivery model for various products such as:

A preferred achievement collaborator for Portal, BrainRoots has a long-track record of customizing and putting into operation the Infranet suite of VoIP billing software products for the clients. They possess nearly 15 years of combined consulting experience in this function area. BrainRoots has embarked on numerous implementation assignments in Singapore, Japan, India and most of Asia.

BrainRoots has put into service the Put-together-system. This includes setting up rate plans for each partner, with Settlements, Invoicing and CDR Bashing. BrainRoots is a Consulting and Integration Partner of the best-of-the-breed VoIP billing solution from Fiorano Inc. The experience with the product, right through its complete life-cycle offers fervent abilities in this area.

AgileVoice supports billing for prepaid VoIP services such in the retail, wholesale and online circumstances. AgileVoice is very flexible and will allow you to automate prepaid calling card sales through the client portal-based portion of the software, which is hosted on the web server. The customer can come back at any time and purchase more prepaid accounts or can replenish an existing prepaid account.