The main tasks of SMS marketing for the medical center:

  • Sending an SMS reminder of the record to the doctor
  • SMS texts about the necessity to undergo medical tests, or pick up its results
  • Bulk SMS informing about new services and new procedures
  • Bulk texting messages about discounts and special promotions (SMS discounts and coupons)
  • SMS notice of work schedule changes for the patients
  • SMS on the opening of new clinics and medical centers.

Bulk SMS service can solve such important tasks:

  • Remind the patient at the assigned time of the meeting to a doctor. This enables to use the physician time efficiently, without delays and interruptions

Example: “Dear client! You have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow, May 5, 9 am. Please, notify us if you cannot visit the doctor at that time by phone 333-22-33. Administrator”.

  • SMS reminder for the patients about the necessity to undergo the medical tests, informing customers about the test results, etc.

Example: “Dear client! You should undergo the blood testing on June 10 from 8 am to 10 am in the room #8. The results can be obtained in a day. Tel: 333-22-33. Administrator”.

  • SMS to customers about new services provided, the new center of facilities.

Example: ” Free Mammography test for women! The new service of our center! We invite all women to the testing! Tel .: 333-22-33 ”

  • Informing customers about promotions and discounts for certain types of services,

Example: “Summer Offer! Discounts on the Dental implants until 30 June. Hurry up to make your smile dazzling! Tel .: 322-32-32. ”

  • SMS notification to the patients about changes in time of the appointment with the doctor.

Example: “Dear Lory! We inform you that an ophthalmologist appointment postponed to June 15. We will tell you later about the time of reception. Detailed information by the Tel.: 333-22-33. Administrator”.

  • Informing customers about the opening of a new medical center department or a new hospital center.

Example: “We have opened a new dental center on July 10. Address: 50, Lake Avenue. Here we have the latest equipment and treatment methods, experienced doctors and attentive staff. Use of therapy services at the advanced level. Inquiries by tel. 555-77-88”.

Many health centers have benefited from SMS marketing services and actively use this type of advertisement in their work.

Before you start launching SMS marketing at your medical establishment, you should consider the experience and image that you center has among the patients. Think of the advantages you can provide to your clients. This will help to avoid bad feedbacks after SMS campaign will be launched and finished.

  • Are there doctors working more than thirty professions with extensive experience in your medical center? Do you have the advantage of providing your services both on weekdays and on weekends?
  • Does your center has got and feedbacks, positive or negative from the patients?
  • Can each patient contact you and receive quality medical care and, if necessary, pass a functional, laboratory and other types of diagnostics?
  • Is there the latest high-quality equipment installed in your clinical diagnostic laboratory?
  • Are there qualified experts who provide detailed results of tests in the shortest possible time?
  • Can your patients undergo ultrasound examination on some modern equipment like the Japanese equipment of the highest class?
  • Is there functional diagnostics or cardiogram for both adults and children is available at your center?
  • Can your center carry out an endoscopic examination of the stomach, genitals, ears, nose, and throat?
  • Does your center provide operating surgery if necessary for the patient?
  • Do you have in stuff experienced skilled surgeons to help in diseases of the ear, throat, nose, eyes, as well as urological, colorectal and gynecological?
  • Do you have experienced doctor-anesthesiologist-intensivist among the employees of your medical center capable of providing high-quality anesthesia, using a variety of modern techniques of anesthesia?
  • Do you have a day-patient facility at your hospital, where there are all the conditions for the patient, and professional observing medical staff?
  • Do you provide the patient’s services of rehabilitation after illness?
  • Do you have physiotherapy massage rooms or a sauna? Are there physiotherapists who can give useful advice?
  • Is there a therapist who can help solve problems with neurotic disorders and overcome alcohol, nicotine, and computer game addiction?
  • Is there a possibility for a patient to invite doctors to help at home if the patient’s health condition does not allow to leave the house?

Based on these questions, you can prepare the list of advantages and disadvantages of your medical center. Work on the drawbacks, trying to eliminate them. And use benefits to building you SMS marketing campaign.

If you decided to launch an offer and start informing your clients about it by bulk SMS, decide on your budget, find SMS service provider and start a campaign.

The Result Of The Bulk Sms Marketing For A Medical Center:

  • Reduce costs on advertisement
  • Good profits earned through
  • Loyal current patients
  • New patients obtained

Popularity gross among patients