Training your office staff to use latest technologies and repair them in times of need is a good practice. It saves the effort of calling an external person or technician for fixing. When it comes to devices such as PBX, fixing is a headache and one can only ask the service provider to fix it. Let’s say for example in the traditional phone systems, if a card is damaged, you can only ask the provider to have a new card fixed in place. However, since the technology changes every day, you might face the problem of that very card’s unavailability as every day new models are emerging in the market. Finding the same thing can be time-consuming and it’s likely that you might not be fortunate in finding the appropriate one.

Although, the main reason for this headache is that our office networking staff already has tons of things to look into every day, owing to VLANs and voice data traffic to deal with. Besides that VoIP is still a new technology, not everyone has a grasp on it, like the traditional PBX service. VoIP benefits are numerous when compared to PBX, which is pretty costly. With VoIP calls, you can save lavishly and enjoy the best quality of service.

One cannot ignore the amazing VoIP benefits. So, if you want to enjoy these benefits you need to know everything about VoIP. You need to equip your technical staff with appropriate training for all situations. For example, if you are experiencing an echo problem, your technical staff should be well trained to handle it. Your staff should have necessary training to see what the possible cause is the echo problem. The network team should see whether this is some installation problem, internet configuration error, or some problem caused by migration from traditional phones to VoIP phones.

You cannot predict the possible VoIP benefits you can get once you have an in-house well-trained team to assist you in fixing any problems, once occurred. As soon as you sense something is wrong with your VoIP phone, you can at once report it to your technical staff, who will come right away to see what the problem is. This will make your team self-sufficient and you wouldn’t have to wait for your service provider to send for your assistance. In light of this, I believe VoIP training has become mandatory for every organization to coach their staff with.