VoIP is a remarkable offering under the banner of internet protocol (IP). It offers a communication solution not just for the businesses but it is equally beneficial as a home phone service. It has resolved all the issues that people once used to have while using the traditional phone service. VoIP service providers promise and ensure premium quality services not just to the home phone service users but also to the business users. In fact, VoIP serves the business by providing the business users with three remarkable options which are:

  • House VoIP
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Hybrid VoIP

House system is basically for large businesses, companies, and corporations which have higher needs of effective communication systems all the time. It is the most expensive VoIP system so far and it may not be affordable as well as feasible for many. On the other hand, host VoIP is made for moderate businesses and medium-sized companies which have plans to open up branches in different geographic locations and do not want to take the lease of telephone equipment in near future. Thirdly, Hybrid VoIP system is very interesting as it is for all those companies and businesses which do not want to leave their traditional telephone system yet at the same time avail the benefits and services of VoIP.

Coming towards the House VoIP, the big companies and businesses always opt for this option because of different benefits associated with it. Firstly, it looks almost similar to the normal telephone which is given to each of the employees on his/her work table in the company. Secondly, PBX (private branch exchange) equipment will be just located in some part of the office from where all the telephones would be connected to transmit the data. The business owners of the company have the access to IP PBX and they are the ones who can regulate it only. So, in this way, if we look at it carefully, we see that once a company opts for House VoIP, its business owners become the service providers to all the branches and employees of the company in some way as they are the ones sitting at a place and controlling everything.

Hosted VoIP is popularly known aspayasyougobecause it works on the hiring system. A company does not own an IP PBX but it is still able to use many services of the VoIP. Mostly, the companies which are unable to evaluate their future needs opt for hosted VoIP as it provides flexible options for these companies. It is a bit costly when it is acquired as the equipment is not installed within the company but it is beneficial in its own ways for the companies who do not want to have House VoIP. Furthermore, a monthly fee is charged by the service providers of Hosted VoIP. This fee is actually a license fee for the number of telephones a company is using and how much the overall usage of VoIP is for the company.

There are many VoIP service providing companies. They offer services not just for the businesses but also for the home phone service users of VoIP. The company believes in delivering premium quality and perfection to all its customers may they want the services for business purposes or just as a home phone service.