With the advent of the internet for the general public in the early 90s, communication speeds have certainly increased at breakneck speed. Email for communication was good and quite fast compared to conventional posts before this started used for personal business use. The Internet has certainly opened up new avenues for interactions between people beyond geographical boundaries, cultures, and this interaction has lead to the need for a faster and cheaper communication for personal, business, pleasure or any other reason.

The experts from the VOIP mobile service to make international calls mention that, calling from a landline is a good option and very reliable but then came mobile telecommunication with people carrying handsets wherever they went, it was this easy communication that gave way to ease of doing business, accessibility, free trade zones between various powerful economies to trade their quality goods and importing quality goods from other countries. It has become easier to find the wholesale dealers around the world from the internet and with address, phone numbers listed on various internet sites they could be contacted easily whether at the office or out of office.

This need, in particular, has lead to slashing of prices in international calling as trillions of dollars of goods are moved around the world and businesses keeping in touch with each other, customer’s keeping in touch with the businesses about the delivery of their goods from abroad, in business to consumer model or business to business model.

The deal between telecom operators of various countries to allocate frequency ranges to each other’s customers for cheap international calling was a natural development of the epoch. Connecting other networks to own network without having to worry about the country of origin of the call. Offering cheaper prices to compete in the international market of cheap international calls, internet calling also emerged on the scene offering free calling to the customers using certain mobile \ desktop applications that can be used to connect anywhere in the world.

Internet calling, cheap international calling has been a boon especially for the students studying in exchange programs in different countries or students studying various programs in different countries. With a tight budget as everything else seems to be so expensive cheap international calls are quite a respite that the young generation can get their tensions out at the end of the day and talk to their friends, families, book tickets over the phone in their home country and have the operators email the tickets to them.